because I’m weird I usually spend holidays comparing my current life to whatever was going on a year ago.

Last year: I took my kid-sister (dressed as Hannah Montana) trick-or-treating. I had a convenient week off  because I was smack in the middle of my South Dakota job and my Wisconsin job. (no, it hasn’t even been a year since i started that job in Wisconsin. yes, I’m already at a new job. yes, I hope to stay here a year) (I like to switch jobs over holidays, see fourth of july, 2008.)

This year: I took my roommate’s dog for a walk around my suburban neighborhood so I could see how all the rich (at least by my standards) people decorate for halloween. (see, large, inflatable pumpkins). then i went to work the night shift at the paper. the possibility of a late-night halloween party does loom but I’m not even cool enough to have a costume this year. (although i guess I could go as a reporter. with a pen.)

an aside: i still sing the halloween song every time i spell the holiday. what? you don’t know that song? well it goes “H. A. double L. O. double-u. double-E. N, spells HALLOWEEN!” (you should probably sing it at parties to make friends).