• yes, I’ve had a few accidents, but seriously progressive. you want me to pay $230 a MONTH for car insurance? you people are insane. im going to go ahead and call that little gekco to see if i really can save 15 percent or more.
  • i always complain about going to weddings (see: i make no money, therefore i have no money to travel), but then i go and they are THE FUNNEST THING EVA! i had such a good time this weekend. and i also made a new friend. who is awesome (even though he likes cats).
  • what is UP with the chicago bears? are we EVER going to get a good quarterback? this is how i visualize draft debates in the locker room: “maybe we should draft good quarterback x.” “no, he’s too good. we need to draft bad quarterback z and focus on our defense. if we had a good quarterback, people would have to stop calling us the chicago bears.” “oh. ya. you’re right. let’s just get an average quarterback and work on our safety plays.” this season is not going to be for the faint of heart. and if one more person tells me “well, they COULD be 3-0,” im going to cry.
  • i finally figured out how to put music on my phone. that means i have finally left 1987 and moved past cassette tapes onto digital music files. what can i say? im just cool like that.
  • yesterday my mom’s dog jumped up and grabbed my contact case (complete with contacts) and put the whole thing in his mouth, and then i stuck my whole hand in there and grabbed it, and then i rinsed everything off with contact solution and stuck them in my eyes because they were a brand new pair of 30-day contacts and im poor. thoughts?
  • coming up with a daily photo is harder than i thought it would be, and im thinking of making it a 5-day a week photo.
  • i cannot give up soda people. i know it’s bad for me, but i love it. and i love caffeine. and it’s SO delicious. and i have no motivation to give it up. so i just bought a 12-pack of coke. stop judging me.