here’s my confession.

when i was younger i wanted attention. ha. ha. ha. ha.

oh. wait.

THAT’s not my confession. that’s HER confession.

MY confession is:

i dont REALLY like doing EVERYTHING alone.

ya. i pretend that I LOVE going to the movies solo. and that shopping by myself is WAY better. and that i LIKE the quiet i get when i eat alone at chipotle.

but it’s basically all lies.

true story.

so, even though i’ve started a new job like 34 times in the past month, it’s still hard to move and make new friends.

don’t get me wrong, i heart my new employer. it just sucks trying to hang out with the janitor out of desperation.

really. sucks. 

im sitting here alone on a sunday afternoon. blogging. while pretty woman plays on TNT. 

can we say ‘los-er?’

the thing is, i had JUST started making good friends in oshkosh b’gosh when i decided to pack up and move again.

so this is all basically my fault.


just so you know that i do have every intention of fixing this, my new life plan includes becoming very, very, very rich. buying an island. and making all my friends come live with me on it.

actually. screw that.

i really just need one person (if he’s the right person.)

everyone else can visit at their discretion.

bottom line: i want my life to be like a kenny chesney video, or at least a cool pepsi ad.

that’s pretty realistic. right?