ok. ok. i ate some d*mn cheese today.

what? this doesn’t make me a bad person. (right?)

see, what happened was. well. im just SO tired.


i even have proof from a doctor.

(and by “proof” i mean “no proof.” but whatever).

here’s the thing, im commuting like INSANE amounts and im not sleeping that much, and i basically leave for work at like 8:30 a.m. and then i don’t get home until 10 p.m. and then i fall onto the bed and sleep and wake up and go back to work. AND im just not eating very much. there’s no time. and i can’t realistically bring a breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack with me to work every day.

AND im getting so exhausted that when i drive at night all the lights blur to the point that i can’t see anything else. and my eye doctor told me (for $25) that i probably just need more sleep because my eyes are so fatigue that they can’t focus.

and i know im not tired JUST because im vegan (was vegan?), but it’s not helping.

and then today, i went to Whole Foods, which is supposed to be like a vegan utopia, and even THEIR salad bar had hardly anything for me to eat.

so i took some mac&cheese and officially decided to take a little break from veganism.

don’t worry, im still vegetarian. and i still want to eat mostly vegan food.

i just need to make sure im getting enough to eat on a regular basis. and i can’t do that as a vegan right now.

it is looking like i will be moving in with a friend closer to my job within the next month or so, so maybe I’ll pick it up again. or maybe not. im not sure.

but for the record, i totally made it 5 and a half months without dairy.