so ‘girl who sits next to me‘ lent me a new drug — season one of 24 on DVD.

It’s pretty much like meth.  

I’ve decided i don’t really NEED sleep. it’s WAY more important to find out if Jamie is a dirty CTU agent. 4 a.m.: she’s not. 5 a.m.: she might be. 7 a.m.: SHE IS!

I keep going back to the disk menu and watching another episode. I’ve reached 8 a.m. — in two days.

i literally interact with this show. i duck when they duck. I shoot people with my imaginary gun when bad guys show up. I scream ‘I KNEW HE WAS DIRTY!’ when new information shows that mr. york is NOT in fact mr. york. the sound the clock makes has become one with my heart beat.

I also have a crush on the guy in the flannel shirt. He might play a 21-year-old on my tv, but im thinking he’s probably old enough to date me (love me) in real life.

I have an hour break from work coming up and im fantasizing about watching 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. i need another hit. and i need it now.

yes, i know this show first aired in 2001 (back when i was still living a dorm. with a roommate.) but that’s exactly why god INVENTED dvds. (nice work big guy).


this show so rocks.