so a couple weeks ago, i was like ‘my throat hurts’ and my friends were all ‘eww, get away from me. you’re sick’

and four and a half days later i was like ‘my ear really hurts’ and my friends were all ‘oh, just blow cigarette smoke in it and it will feel better’ and i was all ‘hmm. no.’

and then finally today (Wednesday) i went to the d*mn doctor. because my ear was hurting super bad and i couldn’t really hear too much of anything that happened to the right of me. and my throat hurt so bad that i was spitting into a rag at night to avoid the pain of swallowing.

and the doctor was all ‘how long has it hurt?’ and i was like ‘since thursday.’ and he was all ‘THURSDAY!? why did’t you come in sooner?” and then i was all ‘because i hate going to the doctor.’ and he said ‘oh, don’t worry, so do i.”

and then the nice man gave me a prescription for some supa large pink pills. and told me that my ear infection was spreading into my throat so i need to make sure i take every single one.

wish me luck on getting better. and i promise to blog more when i don’t feel like crap and my hearing and swallowing abilities have been fully recovered.