so after watching an episode of scrubs where J.D. does a triathalon just minutes before he turns 30 — so he can cross it off his list of “things to do before turning 30” — i was, umm, inspired.

im 24 and three quarters (hi. my birthday is Aug. 23. feel free to send me vegan baked goods) and i figure now is as good a time as any to create of list of things to do before turning the big 3-0. (this way i have like FIVE years to get this stuff done).

1. visit hawaii

2. write a book (and get someone to pay me for it)

3. get a decent paying job (without selling my soul)

4. get a kitchen table

5. quit drinking soda. (hmmm. this sounds hard). quit drinking kool-aid. (yes! i’ve already done this!)

6. meet johnny depp. (wait. already did this too! sorry. actually i just wanted to bring that up one more time.)

7. not have a car payment.

8. grow my hair out past my shoulders (or make enough to buy hair extensions).

9. visit south dakota

10. pay off approx. 33 percent of my $45,670 worth of student loans.

11. or! win the lottery (and/or marry rich) and pay them ALL off!

12. get published in Time magazine (a “letter to the editor” totally counts here)

13. go skydiving (cliche, but who cares).

AND finally:

14. stop thinking 30 is old.

so there it is people. feel free to hold me accountable.