The other day I was hanging out with my super cool friend from Springfield (hi stephanie!).

I seriously had not seen her in like for. eva.

and as we were driving along in the car she was TOTALLY laughing at every. freaking. joke. i made.

i was thinking it’s because im so funny.

but then.

i noticed that nobody else in the car was laughing.

at any of my jokes.

so i was all “I’m glad stephanie thinks im funny,” and in my head i was thinking “THAT’S why we’re so close.”


then she was all “oh, sometimes I just give you a sympathy laugh.”


i guess that’s because we’re friends on an even deeper level than i thought — i mean she obviously has my back.

also, im thinking it’s because i have a dry wit, and although other people find me HILARIOUS, they don’t feel the NEED to laugh out loud.