It’s ok. go ahead. be jealous. get it all out of your system.

because I AM SO FREAKING HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, monday night, when I got off work, i walked over to the caution tape behind the Oshkosh Public Library, (which is right next to the REAL-LIFE “base camp” for the movie Public Enemies staring Johnny Depp) and waited.

i pushed my way up front because of some vague rumors that my future husband (Mr. Johnny Depp) could possibly, maybe, sort of do a meet-and-greet.

I gave my last $5 to a con man who sold me a 8×10 glossy photo of Johnny Depp. (people do stupid things when they’re in love. don’t judge me.)* 

and I waited.

I practiced sticking my right hand through the barricade.

then my left.

then my right.

then both.

then my right again.

probably the hardest decision of my life.

I talked to all the other gawkers. including  a really, really tall man (he was like 6 foot 5. seriously.) and because I was shorter than the barricades, the tall man gave me minute-by-minute updates on what was going on. 

he would be all ‘people are lining up.’

and then I would be all ‘oh, if I faint make sure you take me to Aurora Medical Center, because then my insurance will cover it”

and then he would be all ‘i think his body guard is coming’

and then I would be all ‘i hope my hands aren’t too cold for Johnny Depp’

and then he would be all, ‘I hope my friend gets a picture of me shaking Johnny’s hand’

and then I would be all ‘ya. I hope so too.’

and then!!!! 

tall-man was all ‘I see Johnny Depp! he’s shaking people’s hands!!!!’

and Johnny Depp WAS shaking people’s hands!!! and i stayed super calm, because the security lady said she’d make Johnny Depp leave if I freaked out.

so, I was all ‘I’mcalm.I’mcalm.I’mcalm.I’mcalm.’

but i think it sounded a little more like the opposite of calm. I don’t really care though, because the security lady totally bought it (I’m pretty convincing).

and i totally got to shake Johnny Depp’s hand!!!!!!!!

and! because some stupid guy (not the tall guy, another guy) tried to reach over and get all up in MY hand shake the first time Johnny Depp shook my hand, he totally back tracked on the roap line enough put his awesome hand over mine AGAIN and look me right in the eye and say ‘nice to meet you.’

and i could totally tell that he really did think it was nice to meet me.

And yes, I’m still a few steps away from marrying him. but hand touching is SO much closer than i was 24 hours ago. so I’m pretty optimistic.

did i mention that I’m SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!! because I am!

*(note to self: sell $4.50-cent photos of Johnny Depp tuesday, wednesday and thursday. make enough to pay off student loans.)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Here’s a link to an AWESOME video of Johnny Depp working the rope line taken by a fellow reporter! I was a little further down, but you get the basic idea!



so. happy.