im so happy. not only is the weather above freezing, but i found a whole foods. which is kind of like mecca for vegans (even though they have that pesky organic meat aisle).

while there i got vegan chocolate chip cookies. DID YOU HEAR ME? VEGAN CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES! i teared up when i ate one (true story) because it has been SO long since i’ve had a decent cookie. YES, they were like $22 (ish) for about four cookies. but i don’t even care. i mean my electric bill isn’t THAT important. right?

ALSO, i found some vegan Parmesan substitute stuff. although i haven’t tired it yet, i have high hopes!

but WAIT! there’s MORE! i also found a box of vegan macaroni and cheese!! could life GET any better? i think not.

and for those keeping track, yes it’s been FOUR weeks since i became a vegan. go me.