people who love cats, LOVE cats. like human-to-human love, but instead it’s human-to-cat.

i am NOT one of those people. i hate them. im allergic. and i think they’re weird and unpredictable. and you know what cat people? someone HAS to say it — they make your house smell like a litter box. filled with pet food. you whole house. and glade candles DON’T cover it. YOU just can’t smell it because you LIVE there.

but whenever i go over to a cat-owner’s house, the cats gravitate toward me. and each time i really do hope that THESE cats won’t bring out my allergies. but THEN, five hours later my eyes are the color of roses and my nose is leaking like, well, a runny nose. and allergy medicine just makes me fall asleep immediately, so i say no when the cat owner offers me a benydryl.

and i proclaim to the world that “Despite my vegan-ism, i wouldn’t be opposed to eliminating the cats of the world by killing them!”

hopefully those of you on the fence about buying a cat will take this into consideration. that’s all.

UPDATE: People take me too seriously. i think that’s my problem.