So trips to the grocery store are taking longer as a vegan.

I usually clog up the aisles saying “sorry. opps. sorry. sorry, i just want to look at THIS box right… here….. sorry. ok. thanks.”

and then i do three basic scans of the ingredients. first looking for milk, or eggs or butter. then a second scan where i read. each. ingredient. alone. and figure out what it means. and if the item gets past those tests, i read it all one. more. time. just to make sure. and then, about nine times out of ten i have to put the item back on the shelf.  

and then the clerk asks if there’s any thing he can help me find.

‘do you guys carry soy ice cream?’

‘no, that’s really more of a specialty item. we have soy milk though.’

(note to clerks, that’s NOT the same thing. if you asked for strawberry ice cream and the clerk told you the store didn’t have it but the next aisle over there was some milk, would you be all OH! ok. great! thanks!) 

‘oh, ok thanks,’ i tell the clerk.  

and then i cry a little on the inside. just a little.

bein vegan is hard.