So, I’ve said before that i’m doing yoga now because this book told me to. and i’ve done it everyday since Sunday. and im getting better (ish).

The DVD i bought is supposed to be for beginners, but i think i probably should have hunted around for the pre-beginners course, because i can’t really do any of the poses.

the yoga instructor continually tells me that’s ok because it’s the BREATHING that’s most important. but she can’t see how badly im screwing up, so i kind of don’t believe her.

she starts off in a cross-leg position, and then says to put my hands down if i want some grounding and up if i want some openness. but i don’t know the difference, so i usually just put my hands up.

there’s a BUNCH of different breathing exercises involved and then the poses start. and i should tell you guys, i SUCK at downward facing dog. i mean, the instructor says i can go down to my knees if i need a rest and then i kind of just go down on my knees for the rest of the leg section.

there’s some twisty poses that humans weren’t meant to do and i fall over onto my mat (YES, i DO have a yoga mat — it’s blue) like 18 times each session. and through the whole thing the instructor keeps telling me to smile to help my breathing. but since im just trying not to die, i don’t usually smile.

but i keep doing the dvd. because at the end, i really do feel better. and more open. (whatever that means)