so, i’ve lived in wisconsin long enough to know that when we get our typical weekly blizzard it’s best to just stay home that day. and seeing as how i didn’t have to work, i woke up this morning, looked out my window, saw said weekly blizzard and went right back to bed.

and normally, i can convince myself that i actually have TWO reasons to stay home — one being the blizzard and two being a lack of money to do anything fun with anyway. but because i decided to pay my rent AND my car insurance on my next check (which will leave me approximately $20) i have some extra money. and you know me and money. i wear pockets, it burns holes. and i have SO MANY things i can buy for my apartment, because all i have right now is a bed and a magazine rack.

but NO, i had to keep reminding myself ALL DAY that i should just avoid driving in this stupid blizzard. and normally i would just ignore my advice, but (candidate x) is coming to town tomorrow, and knowing my luck i’d go get myself killed driving in this weather and i wouldn’t get to cover (candidate x). so i just stayed home. all. freaking. day. and played online. and bothered the boy i like on the phone with lame conversation. and watched a REALLY LONG movie. and did the dishes. and the laundry. and blogged. and that has brought me to about 8 p.m. but seeing as how im not a seven-year-old i don’t want to go to bed yet. and the snow has stopped.

NO! what am i thinking. the roads probably aren’t safe. and i really don’t want to die before tomorrow. i NEED to just stay put. ughhh. it’s been snowing for almost FOUR MONTHS. i can’t freaking take it anymore. somebody PLEASE find me a job south of Kentucky. please. so i can go out during the day like a normal person again. please.